How long is the order processing time?

Once you Place the order with us we will send you the Design preview and once you confirm the order we will ship the order generally it takes 2 days in making time and 4-5 days in Courier some items making time may Vary according to customization

How Do I send Photos After Order ?

After Order You can send us the Photos for the Same via WhtasApp or Gmail whichever is convenient or Easy for you WhatsApp : +91 9428359312 Gmail : Please Mention your Order ID with the Photos and Do mention your Contact email or number So we Can easily get back to you for Design Confirmation and It becomes Easy to confirm Fast and Ship Your Order .....

What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

On Check out you can easily pay via Credit debit cards Paytm Phone pay or Upi id Whichever from above is Easy for you